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Arkansans for World -Class Education will discontinue it’s campaign to put The Public Schools Amendment of 2022 on the ballot.

We currently have less than a quarter of the signatures needed, and not enough canvassers to make up the difference within the month. We are thankful for our supporters and volunteers , and look forward to continuing to work for fully funded public schools.

Until then, please sign our petition through

Arkansans for world-class education
The Goal of the Public Schools Amendment

To establish the right of all Arkansans to a free, equitably funded and world-class education for grades K-12, INCLUDING classroom teachers or instructors who are fairly and professionally compensated.

Also, to ensure that every child three or older but younger than 6 will receive free, equitable, effective and age appropriate state funded pre -K program.

Our favorite parts

Included in the amendment:

Financial Support
  • $400 additional dollars per student per year for ALL public school districts
  • Extra funding for districts in distress
Teacher Compensation
  • All teachers or instructors in all public school districts in Arkansas shall be paid at least the national average pay for a teacher of similar qualifications and experience
  • The current national average is $41,163. The average in Arkansas is $37,143.
Board Certification Incentive
  • $10,000 bonus for nationally board certified teachers
  • $15,000 if the board certified teacher is at a school where at least one half the students receive free or reduced lunch
New State Board of Education Selection Procedure
  • A person who has served on the Board of Education ten years prior to passage of this amendment shall not be eligible
  • Candidates would need classroom experience or a master’s degree in education
  • One member will be appointed from each congressional district
  • The state shall not prohibit collective bargaining rights of teachers and staff of public schools
Smaller Class Size
  • Maximum 20 students during core curriculum for grades K-5
  • Maximum 23 students during core curriculum for grades 6-8
  • Maximum 25 students during core curriculum for grades 9-12
School Board Protection
  • The administration and operation of a public school district is wholly vested in a locally elected school board
  • At no time may the state exercise advisory or operational assistance for more than three years
These boards may receive assistance from the State Board, but at NO time Can the locally elected school board be divested of administrative or operational control of the district it serves

Let's raise our state from the bottom of the polls in education to the top!

arkansans for a world class education

Who we are

We are a non-profit organization that believes students in Arkansas deserve a world-class education. We believe this can be achieved by compensating teachers, reducing class size and requiring locally elected school boards. The Public School Amendment 2022 does exactly that.

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What we do

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Amendment Progress

We Have Filed!
Jan 11, 2022

As of January 10, the proposed “ Public Schools Amendment of 2022” has been filed with the Secretary of State! We will be collecting signatures soon!

Refined Amendment Wording
Oct 20, 2021

We are continuing to refine the language of the amendment while maintaining our major goals of equity, pre K for all Arkansans, increased teacher salaries and smaller class sizes.

Arkansans for World-Class Education New Website
Feb 21, 2019

The non-profit Arkansans for World-Class Education begins a new website today to help generate awareness of the Public School Amendment 2022.

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